Google has begun to sit up and take notice of the thousands of copyright claims it has been receiving over improper use of copyrighted materials on websites. due to the rising number of sites using images, videos and music without permission from the original owners or if the owner has not expressly allowed the use of copyright material by stating so on their site or medium the use to display said material.

Google Have became more proactive after being locked in legal disputes with companies such as Viacom as well as numerous publishers and authors for allowing unauthorized content to be searched on its pages, however many of these allegations involve conduct from years ago.

Google, before it became the multimedia giant it is today, already had announced that if a complaint on unauthorized copyright usage was sent to them, they would investigate and remove the offending content within 24 hours. Not an easy task considering the sheer amount of information posted every hour that is picked up on Google’s search engines. They also said that they would make sure that offenders could not participate in Google’s advertising network and that users would be able to find the correct copyright material officially higher up on the search pages than the unofficial, stolen material.

On Friday the company have reportedly received over a million reports about copyright claims per week so sit up and take notice. always be sure that any and all material you have on your site is correctly marked and permission to use the material has been requested and granted by the company you are posting about.

If you are unsure of copyright laws then please make sure that you always ask for permission from any company you post about if you are posting images, videos or songs and if in doubt just don’t do it. there are plenty of public domain sites that will provide you with free to use uncopyrighted material that will meet your needs.

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