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Google Analytics Pageviews

Pages viewed Google analytics in SarasotaThe Google Analytics Pageviews report tells you how many web pages were opened in the last 30 days. The more pages clicked on the more they like what you have to say. Google recognises this and gives you extra points for having content that the viewers like. The more pages viewed the more expert your site becomes.

The unfiltered numbers are the ones that all businesses feel great about but that is a false sense of success. Unless you have your data filtered to remove all the fake spam hits you really can’t tell how well you’re doing. If you are working with an SEO person make sure you ask to see the filtered and unfiltered numbers.

The numbers used in this example show a huge difference in pages viewed. Let’s face it – 7200 sounds much better than 2500! More than 4500 are fake hits and do not reflect your true numbers. Spammers and scammers many times don’t even go into your website and they certainly don’t help your standings in Google. It is important financially to understand the true numbers here. Here’s a good example why:

We had a client that was spending thousands on an online marketing campaign. When we looked at the numbers they were not filtered and the “SEO Expert” was bragging about how great it was working. After we filtered out all the spam, scams and ghost hits it went down from 1500 hits to only 3 hits in a month and even those were suspect. The (now new) client stopped that campaign and budgeted those hard earned dollars elsewhere.

Google gives you a wealth of information that can help you make better marketing and financial decisions. It’s all right in front of you for the taking! It isn’t that difficult to set up the filters in your Google Analytic account to produce the cleanest numbers for better decision making.

More Google Analytic Information

Do you know what all the Google Analytic reports actually mean and how to interpret them, or even if, or why they are important? There is a wealth of knowledge in your analytic reporting and it can be the difference between making or breaking your company! Click on any of the data images below to learn how to interpret them properly.

Google Analytics Users of Sarasota, FLNew sessions Google analytics for SarasotaPages per session Google analytics in Sarasotaduration Google analytics

Pages viewed Google analytics in Sarasota

duration Google analyticsGoogle Analytics Expertise

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