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Google Analytics Users of Sarasota, FLThe Google Analytics Users report is a very important report that needs to be filtered properly. The internet is full of spam and ghost hits to websites and that includes right here in the Sarasota area. The important thing to understand is that your unfiltered results are giving you false information about your website and marketing efforts. That can be costly.

When you look at the Google Analytics Users in the left image you see two very different sets of numbers – “0 Hits Spam” and “All Users”. This report is based on the last 30 days and Google shows the results in that manner. If you look at your Analytics you will probably only see the All Users number and that’s because you haven’t have filtered the results.

Google Analytics Users of Sarasota, FLMany so called “SEO Experts” in the Sarasota area only show their clients the unfiltered number of “All User”, where this example shows 3,857. At first you might think that the high number is a good thing and a lot of people are viewing your website each month! That is incorrect and dangerous thinking. That high number represents all the false data from the spammers and scammers and can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted marketing efforts.

The true number is the one filtered titled “0 Hits Spam”. This is just a name we gave it for filtering out all the spam from Analytic data. Initially you might think that the low number is a bad thing but it is not. That number represents the true, or clean traffic to your website. That gives you the best data to compare to your marketing dollars and budgets.

If you’re a small business owner in the Sarasota area and are trying to grow your business you want to make sure you can handle the growth. Although our example of 711 users for the past 30 days sounds disappointing compared to the 3,857, it still breaks down to roughly 25 visitors a day to your website. For most small businesses that is more than enough to increase their calls and sales on a weekly basis.

The important takeaway is that you need to know the true number of visitors to your website and compare that with your marketing efforts to make sure you are getting the right rate of return for your efforts.

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Gonnello SEO has been helping companies throughout Sarasota filter their Google Analytics for the true picture. We can help your company with basic services to high level strategies for your company’s growth. Contact us today for a free consultation and review of your Google Analytics so you can get the clear picture of your success.

More Google Analytic Information

Do you know what all the Google Analytic reports actually mean and how to interpret them, or even if, or why they are important? There is a wealth of knowledge in your analytic reporting and it can be the difference between making or breaking your company! Click on any of the data images below to learn how to interpret them properly.

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Gonnello SEO is Sarasota’s SEO Experts, helping companies locally and globally with their Google Analytics. We can help your company with a variety of services from basic to high level strategies for your company’s growth. Contact us today for a free consultation and review of your Google Analytics and make sure you are seeing the clearest picture for your best success.