Scott Gonnello is Sarasota's Top SEO Consultant and Author of Common SEO MistakesScott W. Gonnello is the CEO of Sarasota’s Best SEO Company and is considered to be one of the best SEO Consultants in America. This is because of his ability to make the complex world of SEO easily understood. Scott is Author of Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition and Climbing the Food Chain: Business Success form the Ocean’s Depth.

Scott is also an expert speaker on Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and more for Manasota SCORE. They were ranked #2 in the country in 2016! Here are some of Scott’s most recent Podcasts from some of the presentations and workshops he taught:

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5 Biggest SEO Questions We Hear The Most

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important

SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization

This is the latest phrase or buzz words for web sites in the business world. It is confusing because there are so many people saying contradicting things about it. SEO is about understanding the market you compete in and getting your web site to the top in the search results for that market organically, (without paying for it). Considering there are usually thousands, if not millions of search results, it can be challenging to be one of the 10 on the top page. To achieve this you need more than just adding some back links, or videos, or even a “Plug-In” to your web site. You need a website built with a strong architectural foundation that guides the search engine spiders through your site and shows them what they need to see.

Why is it important

It is important because your need to keep Google and other search engines coming back to your website and that is achieved through SEO. Think of your website like a buffet, (I know but please humor me . . .). If you go to a buffet and the food has been sitting there for hours it’s probably not that fresh or appealing and you probably won’t go back. Well just like you want fresh food at a buffet, Google and other search engines like fresh content when it comes to your website. The older it gets the less appealing it becomes until you eventually stop showing up in the search results.

SEO, When done right, is a great way to communicate to the search engines that you are continually adding fresh content of expert quality. This will help your reputation within the search engines and help you get found more often on the top pages of the search results.

I've Heard Bad Things About SEO Companies So Why Are You Different?

It’s Sad But True – There is Fraud In The SEO Space

There is a TON of fraud in the SEO space because there is no licensing, certification, training or any other industry standards. Lots of people read a blog or check out a video and BAM! They are an instant SEO consultant . . . or so they think. They do the work for cheap but never really deliver any results. They charge for “Plug-ins” that really don’t do anything and collect monthly checks until the client figures it out. They are full time barista’s, landscapers, realtors, and so on, just trying to make some extra money “helping a friend out.”

We hear all the horror stories out there of people spending thousands of dollars and getting nothing for it. They come to us and are skeptical because they hired the wrong person. It’s sad but in slow economies everyone is out there trying to make extra money and unfortunately that makes the SEO world look terrible.

Gonnello SEO is only Search Engine Optimization company in Sarasota that has many employees focusing on SEO – not making coffee, cutting lawns, selling houses, etc. We have an international reputation of knowledge, experience and proven results. Scott Gonnello is a published Author on SEO and has spoken around the world on the subject. He is a favorite presenter of SEO for Manatee County SCORE, Chamber’s of Commerce, Colleges and Universities, and many other fine organizations.

On a local level we work with many industries from small businesses, large corporations and even Sarasota County. On a national level we work with specific industries like restaurants and DJ’s as far west as Nome Alaska. On an international level we work with Swiss Army and the US Navy.

You will not find a Sarasota SEO company with a better reputation – guaranteed!

I'm Already Marketing So Why Do I Need SEO?

Make no mistake – SEO is Marketing!

Google is the ONLY place where people go to actually look for a company commercial. Yes – your website is a commercial for your business and showing up when people are looking for your kind of product or service is marketing. SEO makes marketing more cost effective when you show up for your potential new customers. If you’re not there on the top page you’re not competing with your competitors that are. That means you helping your competitors succeed when you don’t show up.

All other kinds of marketing are a “spray and pray” approach, meaning you have to target hundreds of thousands of people in hopes that some of them need your product or service – remembers your ad – actually calls you before forgetting who you are – and then actually hires you. Common “spray and pray” approaches are magazines, newspapers, flyers, TV ads, Radio ads and so on. After these kinds of ads stop they virtually vaporize bringing no more value to your company.

With SEO your new articles, blogs, pages, etc. NEVER go away so they are always out there waiting to be searched and clicked on. The more you create the better the chances of getting found and clicked on. SEO is the best form of marketing out there when you start showing up in the search results. Sure you can fight it and not do the work or not hire an SEO company but that will only help your competition and they will love you for it.

What is the SEO Book That Scott Gonnello Wrote?

Scott Gonnello is Sarasota's Top SEO Consultant and Author of Common SEO MistakesCommon SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition

has 25 of the most basic common SEO mistakes that people make over and over again. It is easier to understand SEO by knowing what the mistakes are and avoiding them rather than learning SEO techniques that are no longer valid.

SEO techniques are constantly changing and it can be dangerous to use techniques from an old book. What rarely changes in the SEO space are the mistakes! Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition is a compilation of the 25 Basic Search Engine Optimization Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business!

This book is designed to help you understand the importance of avoiding SEO mistakes. Search Engine Optimization is a tricky subject and I decided to take a different approach with this book than a lot of the books that are out there. This is because sometimes you need to know what you are doing wrong first before you can understand how to fix it. The challenge with a lot of the SEO books is they try to teach you what SEO is and then let you go and do it. For many this can help them up to a certain level and then hurt them as time goes on. This is because SEO is always changing so the good techniques that are learned from a book that was written a month ago could be bad techniques today. However, the one thing that rarely changes are the SEO Mistakes.[Read More]

What Does SEO Cost?

Do Not Buy SEO Packages!

If someone offers you a monthly package you should be skeptical. This is because true SEO is not a one-size-fits-all package and you might pay for items that don’t do anything for you. SEO is designed around your company, your industry, your competition, your location, your website and many other fine details that can’t be in an off the shelf package deal. Any SEO company pushing hard to sell you a specific package probably is not qualified to perform your SEO work.

Gonnello SEO works with every company differently because every company is different. What works for one company most likely will not work for another and that means the costs vary. The best thing would be to contact us and tell us about your business so we can get an idea of what you are looking for. We will then research many different factors and get you a price that fits your budget.

We work with many companies and some pay as little as a few hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month – It’s all relative. The larger companies we work with can benefit millions of dollars in annual sales from the work we do. For many companies our SEO services produces their best ROI. Remember it’s marketing and when done correctly it’s the best form of advertising.