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Website Developers: India

Not as Cheap as You Think

For some reason people think that if they get their website developed in India that they will save a lot of money. This is not always the case. In fact, in most cases it costs more than buying on your side of the world.

At Gonnello SEO we do a lot of website conversions. A conversion is where we build a more SEO friendly website and then transfer all the content from the outdated site into the new one. Many of the ones we do are from India and they are not that old.

Outsourcing Web Development to India

Your website might have been outsourced even though you purchased it from a local “Web Developer” company. We use quote in this case because with outsourcing anyone can be a “Web Developer Company”. It’s simple really – they charge you 3 to 5 thousand dollars for a website, take a deposit then send it to India where they work for pennies on the dollar. Your deposit usually covers their entire cost so when you pay off you invoice the “Web Developer Company” pockets it without really doing any work.

Here’s the bad part. If all you are asking for is a website then you’ll get exactly what you are asking for. The websites from India that we come across are old school technology and not made to do well in today’s internet environment. This means they use table technology – about 5 or 6 years old. these sites are difficult to do any real SEO work on them and the downside is they don’t do well in the search engines. This means businesses using these India websites lose to their competitions in the search engines. That becomes more costly than hiring a qualified SEO Web Developer locally.

Some of our clients actually had a local company buy from India and then they went out of business. These businesses had to deal with phone calls to India and still not get the kind of products and services they deserved for the money they spent.

With today’s technology and availability of quality products there is no reason to go to India to get a website – unless you are going to be setting up shop in India and in that case it might be a good idea to outsource to the USA.

If you need help with your website from India click here. We can explain what works and what does not. We can also show you the best ways to get back into the search engines.