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SEO Presentations and Workshops Bradenton

“I learned more about SEO from Scott Gonnello’s 1 hour presentation than from all the other presentations I have ever heard! The difference was that Scott put SEO into perspective.”

J.S. Sarasota, FL

Common SEO Mistakes Sarasota FLThe SEO world is full of miss informations and technical jargon that it becomes difficult to understand what Search Engine Optimization is. Scott Gonnello’s ability to teach and explain difficult things in a simple way is one of his greatest talents. For this reason, and many more related to SEO, Scott Gonnello has become one of the best SEO consultants in America.

Scott offers several SEO presentations and workshops tailored to the business community. His programs are fun and interactive and the audience members leave with a wealth of information that helps clarify what Seo really is. Scott presents to business organizations and academic institutions around the world.
If you would like to have Scott present to your business or organization feel free to contact him today. He will work with you to create the best program for your specific needs. Scott designs his presentations to deliver the most powerful information needed for the audiences needs while making it fun and exciting. Here are just a few of the programs he offers:

1 Hour Programs

SEO Basics – Learn about the foundations of SEO and how it works before going out to do it. Many companies just start doing SEO without fully understanding the basics of how it actually works. This one hour program will teach you more in one hour than most companies have learned from all other presentations about SEO.

SEO Basics & Common SEO Mistakes – Learn about the foundations of SEO and how it works and the common SEO mistakes companies make using SEO. This one hour program blends the perfect mix of SEO and pitfalls to avoid. This presentation is based on Scott’s book: Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition.

Common SEO Mistakes – This 1 Hour presentation is based on Scott’s book: Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition and goes in depth of the most common mistakes companies make trying to do SEO. You will learn the 25 most basic mistakes and how to avoid them.

A Variety of Topics – We have a large variety of 1 Hour programs designed for succeeding in all parts of the internet such as, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), Mastering Google Analytics and many more. Start the conversation so we can tailor the presentation perfect for your organization.

1/2 Day Half Programs

1/2 Day Programs – Based on the the 1 Hour programs combined to make the most out of your time learning about SEO and the common mistakes. This program give a clear understanding with plenty of examples and audience interaction for some powerful tools to use going forward. Each half day program is tailored to the group’s specific needs and challenges making it more powerful for specific actions.

Full Day Programs

Full Day Programs – Full day programs are available based on the half day programs and specific needs expanded upon. This day of exciting lessons and exercises will make any novice ready to take on the SEO world. This program is tailored to the groups specific needs and challenges making it one of our most powerful programs.

2 Day Power Workshops

2 Day Workshops – Incorporating many of the programs above over a 2 day workshop makes a powerful impact on any business. We take the time to fully explain in great detail how to succeed in the SEO world with specific exercises that you can use year after year. This program is tailored to the your specific needs and challenges making it one of the best things you can invest in for your business.

If you would like to learn more about any of these programs feel free to contact Scott using the form on the right. He will get back to you shortly and begin the process of becoming more successful.