SEO Website Copywriting

Using quality content for a website is a must. Many sites just have generic pages of content without taking advantage of search engine optimization. Gonnello SEO has been writing website copy for companies of all sizes while using our experience and expertise in SEO.

SEO Copywriting Research

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is writing website content that has no search value. As an SEO company we are constantly researching the best SEO copywriting techniques, phrases, keywords and the never-ending algorithm changes for website content.  Our clients’ success depends on our ability to produce the best possible content for what they are trying to achieve.

Our never ending research enables us to write better content for all of our clients which help them establish better results in the search engines. Landing on the top pages of the search engines is an important part of a company’s success and SEO copywriting is one of the leading factors for getting there.

SEO Web Copywriting Tips

Be careful when searching the internet for SEO copywriting tips. This is because the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in order to keep content fresh. This means that a good copywriting tip today can be a bad copywriting tip tomorrow. Using tips from a website or blog that was posted last month, or even worst, last year could possibly keep you out of the search engines.

Web Copywriting Jobs

Be careful hiring a web copywriter if they are not with an SEO company. Copywriting jobs for books, papers, magazines, brochures, etc. is far different than writing website content. That type of writing is designed to go directly to the reader first because they don’t need to search for it. SEO web copywriting is written to talk to the search engines first which gets the website on the top page first, and then the reader finds it. Many web copywriting jobs are not suited for writing quality content that delivers quality results.

 SEO Web Copywriting Rates

There is a large variety of copywriting rates online. This is because the internet has made it possible for anyone with and kind of writing skills to market themselves globally. In challenging economies as this one, companies tend to go for the best prices while getting mediocre content. The cost of not showing up in the search engines can cost companies their business.

Gonnello SEO has some of the best SEO Web Copywriting Rates around. Our SEO experience of writing website copy for companies throughout the world gives us a unique perspective. Our clients benefit from our expertise with higher website traffic, more page views, and more time spent on the site which ultimately means more sales. Use our secure contact form below to introduce yourself and let us show you how to create better pages for your website.