SMM Optimization

Social Media Marketing Optimization

Just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing Optimization can be just as important for any campaign. Companies that are currently running a social media marketing campaign and haven’t put much thought into it could benefit from some optimization.

Time is money and the work done on these social media sites could be costing a company in many ways. Companies need to make sure they get the most out of the work that is performed with the best return on investment. Just having a social media campaign out there does not guarantee success. Optimizing campaigns to ensure long term success is a must.

If a company has created a strategy, plan and has implemented the campaign, the next step is to make sure all the efforts are running efficiently. Wasting time and money to maintain a campaign is not a good business practice. Optimization can help navigate the ever-changing currents in the social media environment. Far too often companies forget to review their social media campaigns and the result is a decline in their success.

SMM Optimization

Social Media Marketing Optimization is not a difficult process if you have properly set up you campaign and are using your strategy and plan that you developed. Optimization is simply reviewing the analytic data and making the appropriate corrections. Small and targeted adjustments on an ongoing basis to produce the best results is a simple SMM optimization description.

Businesses around the globe fall into the same trap – they start a social media campaign and then forget about it. They assume that having a page or social site on the internet is all they need. They often fail to understand what those sites are –  MARKETING & ADVERTISING!

Companies spend large percentages on marketing and advertising campaigns in newspapers, television, radio, magazines, coupons, newsletters, and on and on. They “optimize” those campaigns regularly buy changing the specials, images, dates run, themes, audiences, etc. while neglecting their online campaigns. Online campaigns will out produce any of the mentioned above (PERIOD!). Those ads go away into the trash, thin air and lost in memory . . . Online campaigns can be there forever and searched for 24 hours a day from people around the world! This is where more effort and marketing budgets should be focused.

SMM Optimization Recommendations

Our recommendation is for businesses to go over their social media marketing campaign and see where they can increase its impact. This can be achieved by the following:

  • Use an analytic program to gather and track important data
  • Regularly review the analytic data and make the needed adjustments
  • Continually review the strategy and plan created and make minor adjustments where needed
  • Continually create targeted and relevant updates that speaks to all of your followers
  • Make sure the postings are designed to draw traffic to your website

Some of the above tasks can be overwhelming for many companies. By not keeping up with the changes in the social media space, many companies can get lost in the sea of competition. Remember, social media marketing is MARKETING & ADVERTISING!

Gonnello SEO has been working with companies of all sizes from around the world navigate the social media marketplace. We can help with your Social Media Marketing Optimization and help ensure a more robust success. If you are unhappy with your Social Media Marketing Optimization or campaign and would like to learn more about our services click here or simply fill out our secure contact form and introduce your self.