SMM: What Is It & Why

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) and why should a company participate? With all the social media sites out there how do you keep up with them and more importantly – should you? Social Media Marketing has blossomed into many different sites that do similar things. One of the biggest mistakes business do is try to keep up with all of them.

We regularly speak with companies that say they are doing everything to market their company but they don’t get the results they are looking for. It is costing them in so many ways they don’t think of such as:

  • Wages – how many hours are spent paying someone to maintain them all for little results
  • Time – how much time is wasted maintaining when they could be working more important jobs
  • Reputation – how does the failed efforts effect the company brand and reputation
  • Lost Sales – how much is their competition benefitting from the failed campaigns
  • Lost Profits – In this economy companies need to be very careful if they plan on surviving

Social Media Marketing should be used wisely and effectively. Just being on one or all of those sites doesn’t guarantee you any success. In fact, many companies waste more time and money on those sites and end up doing more harm to their business. Here is a quick and simple break down of what it is and why you should (or should not) consider it.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is really nothing more than social websites that are a great way to market your message, products and/or services. They are not usually there for a sales pitch or hard sales tactic; instead they are more of a social platform where people can talk about all kinds of topics.

There are all kinds of website out there such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, and the list keeps going. Facebook is a great example of a social media website. Everyone and their cousin are on Facebook talking about all kinds of things – many of which are boring, like what they are eating for lunch, pictures of their cat, he broke up with me, she dumped me and the list is as long as you can imagine.

What makes these social media websites so powerful is that everyone on there has their own community of friends, family and followers that they allow into their community or page. This means they want to hear what they have to say. This means the topics there are trusted and welcomed recommendations and that’s the marketing part of social media marketing.

When people want to find a product or service, they generally ask family and friends for a recommendation. Social media marketing websites have a captive audience in one place. With the click of the enter key or from their phone, a person can ask for anything and people will respond with names, numbers, links, photos and all kinds of information.

So that is the simple version of what a Social Media Marketing website is. There are countless books and blogs out there that can break it down into months of reading that will give you about the same information in the end. Most likely you don’t have that kind of time and want to get back to what you do best – sell your brand.

Why Social Media Marketing

First and foremost – There are too many social media marketing websites out there to participate in all of them. Everyone is going to tell you that you need to be on the one that they are on. You might even have heard it at a seminar that you need to sign up today! The truth is they may or may not be correct.

You only have so many hours in the day and you should be using those hours in the most productive way. There are many great SSM sites on the internet but chasing most of them can get expensive. To properly maintain these sites you need quality information, quality followers, timely submissions of interesting or pertinent topics and a lot more important pieces of the puzzle.

The fact is some businesses just don’t do well on many of the SMM sites online. The companies that do well are the social types – restaurants, hair salons, pubs, sporting clubs, celebrities, etc. They do well because people have an interest in them. The less social the company the more difficult it gets finding followers and thus their marketing time and efforts become costly. Think about who you follow or would like to follow – a company that sell rocks or your favorite restaurant? Both might offer weekly specials but one is definitely more appetizing!

Sure those were basic reasons and there are more reasons why you should or should not join one of these social media marketing websites but again, you probably have more important things to do then to research for weeks. Here are some steps to achieving a successful social media marketing campaign:

  1. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  2. Create a Social Media Marketing Plan
  3. Implement Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  4. Continually Optimize Your Social Media Marketing
  5. Let Gonnello SEO Help You With All of the Above

Make sure you read the other pages of information explaining 1 through 5 for a better understanding. To learn more about the importance of a Social Media Marketing Strategy click here.

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